Monkey Girl

One thing I’ll always be upset with my parents about, is not letting me have a pet while growing up. Specifically, a dog. But there weren’t any other pets either.

The bonds of love, trust, the non verbal communication, the companionship – all the things that I missed growing up (bar love).

I always thought I wanted another sibling, or a close friend – a partner with whom I could live, explore and share. Sister was too different a person for us to ever share much. And cousins were, well cousins – distant, competitive, or both. And I never really made close friends – wonder if it was my trust issues, my commitment issues, or just hard to find someone within the norms of class, caste, and location.

If only I would’ve had a dog. Not a family dog, not a neighbourhood dog, but my dog. A dog I would’ve grown up with – a brother. Like the son I have now, sleeping snuggled up against my back. Maybe I’d have been a different person. A better person. A stronger, emotionally, person.

If only.

*Monkey Girl: We are all completely beside ourselves