The B key

A top view of the new keyboard and the old magic keyboard. The new keyboard is larger and has a full number pad on the side. The keys on the new keyboard are split into two halves. The halves are laid out at an angle to match the angle at which hands approach the keyboard while typing. There's a magic trackpad next to the keyboard. The new kayboard also has a wrist pad along its bottom length.
The new Logitech Ergo K860 and the workhorse Apple magic keyboard.

Got myself a new, ergonomic keyboard after using the trusty magic keyboard for better part of a decade.

A view of the new keyboard highlighting the tenting in the middle of the keyboard.
Tenting on the ergo keyboard.

It’s split, curved, tented, raised, and blends better with my dark desk top.

It’s also taken a machete to my productivity! First time I used it, I entered my password wrong 4 times. Had to go back to the magic keyboard to successfully login :(

Very very glad that I only took this small step instead of the huge leap I was planning with the ZSA Moonlander.

So, what’s with the B key?

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