Brexit, view from the other bubble

I am strongly in the remain camp when it comes to Brexit. Even though I don’t use social media, my well-known position on this topic means that I live in a sort of IRL filter bubble—I don’t know many people who are strongly pro-Brexit. I know a few soft Brexit supporters, I know a few agnostics and waverers, and I know a lot of remainers. I don’t know many strongly pro-Brexit supporters.

I have followed Brian’s blog for nearly a decade now. I discovered him as a regular commentator on another cyclist’s blog. He used to mostly blog about his cycle rides. Brian recently posted his views on Brexit. He is a strong supporter of Brexit; he hints at his reasons in the post.

It is illuminating for me to read the view of the other side—not what the Leave leaders spout, but what the leave supporters on the ground believe.

Brian’s post: Brexit, The Exit.

Please note: I will not comment or debate on viability or correctness of his views. They are his views and he is entitled to them, just as I am to mine. If anyone reading this post wants to debate with him, please be courteous.
Remember the horn effect: just because his views are different from ours in one small sphere of life, doesn’t make him different or bad in any other aspect.


For views similar more aligned to mine, here’s some light reading to ease the heart: Former European colony declares independence