2 kinds of people…

There are two kinds of people…

One kind likes to have the trash can / recycle bin on their computers empty. They take every opportunity to right click and select clear / empty trash. Emptying that trash can provides them with a cathartic release.

The other kind treats the trash can as another storage folder. It frequently has thousands of files, residing in there for months. Clearing the trash can brings to them a dreadful feat of loss—of the unknown unknown. Clearing the recycle bin is only done when system space runs low, and even then, painstakingly, on a file by file basis.


I’ve been on ‘Team Empty Trash’ since Win 95. Even though the trash can is no longer on the desktop on my Mac, I still visit it as often as I can remember, and empty it. Ahh… such a relief!

I’ve had friends and colleagues who were on ‘Team Preserve Trash’. It was painful working with them. My unstoppable urge to clear the trash in their recycle bins facing their immovable force of will to keep that from happening. It was painful all around :)

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