Slept late. Woke up (relatively) early.

Realised didn’t have any business cards left for today’s meeting. Sat down and coded a simple, QR-code based, mobile-first web page to use as business card. Satisfactory result, but late for appointments.

Sent a few documents to print, to the home office printer. Error: out of ink. Running out of time, run upstairs, replace cartridges, send print job again. Successful, but should’ve used a better quality paper. Don’t have any of that at home. Running late, so this’ll have to do.

Take the dangerous, heavy traffic A-road into town, to try and make up some time.

Reach in super quick time, to realise I’ve missed the train by 1 min. 16 min wait for the next one.

Take cab inside London to make up time. Reach just in time. Anxious, but glad.

3 missed calls from mom. Can’t talk to her.

2 prospects at top of my list disappoint. Another is too busy to properly connect. 1 high priority one, and 4 medium priority ones turn out good. Really good. Make the rush worth it. Even though I wasn’t at my best.

Walk through Brick lane, and Spitalfields market. Been a while since I visited these parts. Take a bus back to Waterloo. Best way to see these parts of London.

Long wait for the bus. I’m tired. Sleepy.
Get on the bus, and it starts pouring outside. Lucky.

Pick up a coffee, and splurge on a chocolate muffin for the train ride back.

Catch up with twitter on the train ride. Turns out it’s mother’s day in rest of the world. That explains those missed calls.

Back home. Play sessions with Chewie to drain out any remaining energy from the body.

Get to know that someone very close has been diagnosed with a tumour in the prostate. It’s very early stage, and I’m assured nothing serious. Knocks my heart out.

Doze off midway through replay of Women’s tour highlights.

Partner wakes me up just as Vos & Bronzini sprint to the line.

Can’t sleep now. Even if at very early stage, it’s still a tumour. I can’t afford to lose this person.

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