‘Oh, come on, at your age the glass is …

‘Oh, come on, at your age the glass is half full.’
‘No, it’s at your stage that the glass is half full. At my age we don’t want half a glass, full or empty. In fact we don’t want a glass, end of. We want a tankard and we want it overflowing. We are the have-everything generation, remember.’
‘No, we’re the have-everything generation.’
‘Well we’re the pissed generation then.’

The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson

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  1. i definitely thought this book had something to with the fin world, what with the title, the way it is, and a character named libor. just read the reviews – and how wrong i was!

    1. It’s a beautiful book. No storyline at all, in case you’re looking for one. But the writing, the conversations.. they’re beautiful. Loving it.

      Read anything good recently?

    2. lets see… did some real random reading. too big to fail. letters from paraguay (story of the mistress to the dictator pre-civil war). percy jackson – where greek heroes come to life in 21st century (did a back to back on all 5 books in this series). hungry tide – amitav ghosh – this was truly brilliant.

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