Moping … and pissed off

Lost my much loved phone today. My beloved Nexus One … gone :'(

Retraced the whole route. Checked at every shop I visited, every place I stopped the bike and every pocket of my shorts and bag. Nowhere.

Not even sure I want another phone now. I like android but this NexusOne was too close (and expensive) to contemplate buying another phone, even the Nexus S.

Shall get back to moping now.

Ciao. :/

4 thoughts on “Moping … and pissed off”

  1. Oh no! That was a gem of a phone. :( If it’s Android and cheap you’re going for and you have moved on from your loss (!), get mine, the Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade. :D

    1. Not sure which one I’ll go for. For now, I’m just waiting for the new SIM so I can use it with my old Nokia E71.

      Though I love the form factor of your phone, if it’s only available with Orange, unlikely I’d go with that.

    2. I’m on O2 – got it from Orange and unlocked it for free. I bought it for £120, but lots of places online you can get it for £100. And you can get a cheap Android sticker to put on top of the Orange branding. ;)

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