This 1st India-SA test is bringing back …

This 1st India-SA test is bringing back some fond memories. Of Indian cricket as it was in the brilliant 90s.

Team India touted as best ever to improve the away winning record before a tour outside the subcontinent.
Team India’s long & strong batting line-up surrenders meekly in face of fast bowling on bouncy wickets.
Team India’s always-average bowlers struggle to bowl out opposition for lack of any real-pace or spinning wickets.
Desperate hope for rain, fog, bad light and all other possible factors that could help snatch a draw.
The inevitable – Sachin tots up another hundred as India lose another away test match horribly.
Heated discussions between pro- & anti-SRT groups on ‘Sachin only plays for records but can’t win/save a match for India’
Cosmetic changes to the team for 2nd test.

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