8 days to London – run in the sun, and tiring day

Ran 12 km in the sun. It was 18°C according to the apps, but felt 20+ when not in the shade. It felt harder than it should have, and felt slower than it was. Still, very happy to have run it.

All my training has been in cooler weather. Temperature barely touched low teens on the rare hot run. It was in low-mid single digit Celsius on most runs. So, it was a good to get a feel for how body will deal with the predicted heat next Sunday. It didn’t leave me feeling too confident, but at least I know what to expect.

Apart from the run, I was able to squeeze in 3 stretching sessions as well – pre run, post run, and pre dinner. Good.

Didn’t get any foam rolling, icing, or meditation done. Bad.

Started the day with volunteering at Park run as number checker. Hopefully I did not too shabby a job. May have met R’s GP out there, without either of us knowing who the other was 🙂
Also, 4 more to go before I reach the 25 volunteerings landmark.

Family selfie at Virginia Water - everyone's tired, everyone's happy
Family selfie at Virginia Water – everyone’s tired, everyone’s happy

Took the boys for the evening walk at Virginia water. Didn’t check timings before leaving. Ended up driving longer than walking. Still, it was a happy outing for everyone, even if we had to drag R by her legs to take her along.

Meals were a Cheeseburger and fries, from 5 Guys, for lunch, and R’s dal rice for dinner. Nothing healthy, everything tasty. Just the way it should be. (May have had eggs for breakfast, and whey protein after the run, too)

Quite knackered now. Will probably sleep in tomorrow, before starting a week of early wake-ups on Monday.

Also got one last run of the week tomorrow. Just an easy 5K next week after that.

8 days to London – run in the sun, and tiring day

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