5 days to London – swim, yoga, massage

A swim, a yoga session, a sports massage, and a stretching session.

Didn’t feel up to heading out early, so swam after yoga. Yoga was good. I felt stiffer than usual, but stronger. Probably because of switching swimming – had more energy, but body wasn’t warmed up.

Swimming was ok. Took it slow and easy. Effortless. Spent 10 mins in steam room afterwards.

Got a massage from Philippa. It was a good session, though I should’ve had her work a bit more on the hip flexors.

Finally, walked the boy in the evening, and finished off with a stretch.

Meals were a banana for breakfast, chicken katsu and whey protein snack, salad with chicken for lunch, and rajmah and chilli paneer for dinner.

Off to London tomorrow. If I return in time, thinking of running 5K to get the legs moving.

5 days to London – swim, yoga, massage

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