Watching The half of it on Netflix. Ellie Chu’s dad is making delicious looking momos in his kitchen. Reminds me of a family in Auli who used to make momos at their (tiny) home, sell to us visitors for income, and have the rest for their meals.

Those momos were delicious—little, warm morsels of heaven on the freezing mountain. I was jealous of them, and of Ellie’s dad—they can just make delicious momos at home any time they want!!

That brought a delayed realisation. This is why my white British acquaintances have that look on their face (and that tone) when they talk about us having ‘Indian food’. For them, it’s a special treat they order in/out. But we can/do have it at home any time we want!

Good momos make me happy. The thought of having them anytime at home makes my heart flutter.

The smell of dosa-sambhar or chicken curry or rajmah or mutter paneer from our kitchen into the alley must trigger similar feelings in others.

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