As I’ve stated before ever since this season…

As I’ve stated before, ever since this season began I’ve been trying to catch up with Steve.

Till this afternoon, I was happy with my cycling this week – over 150 miles and finally gaining some form. Was very sure I’d have made a big dent in his lead when I went to his blog to check the score. Bugger! Seems like he did 100+ miles as well!

Hope the rain stays away, or mild, next week. Will try again … maybe he’ll slow down from all the heat in his part of the world.


Clapham Jn – 8 Aug 2011

I live on a small street off the high street (St. John’s Rd) in Clapham Junction.

Yesterday, on the way back from my evening ride in Richmond Park, I was surprised to see the roads were strangely empty in Wandsworth. I was hoping the trouble hadn’t started there. Realised it was even worse – rioters and looters on our high street and around my street.

Wasn’t even sure if I could stop outside my own door given the street was full of hoods. Didn’t want to be robbed of the new bike, it’s barely 2 weeks old!

Did get off and get inside the house safely. Probably they didn’t want to mess with a brown-skinned, sweaty fella with bulging eyes :) [crass racist mention]


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Love the rain in LDN these days it…

Love the rain in LDN these days – it pours well, more like the monsoon back home than the dreary, fickly drizzle this city usually gets.
I love the sun – always have, but more so in LDN since I know I’ll soon be spending months in a row begging for a good sight of it.

The rain, accompanied by those loud thunderstorms and lightening, wrecked my plans for a century ride to Brighton today. Still, finding it really hard to diss it. In fact, wishing for some more… rather lots more… before a dry day tomorrow :)


2nd metric century within a week Rode to…

2nd metric century within a week. Rode to Cambridge today, about 102.5 kms, and took the train back. Wonderful ride. No hills (unlike the Chilterns enroute to Oxford) and luckily, didn’t get any rain on me, though the roads were pretty wet in places.

SJW To Cambridge - 2nd metric century

Also, trying the Cannondale Synapse tomorrow. If I like how it rides, might buy it as soon as we’ve moved to the new place.


Just realised that even the marked ‘Live’ news…

Just realised that even the marked ‘Live’ news on BBC is sometimes delayed by at least 15 minutes.

Barack Obama’s convoy passed in front of me as I was cycling back from Marylebone some time back and BBC News is showing it on TV right now as Live news.

In other news, cycled to High Wycombe today – only 60kms but about 500m climbing over 2-3 spots. Didn’t have the time or energy to cycle back. Really need to work on my climbing muscles :|