2 days to London – stretching, rolling, running

Walk the dogs, stretch, eat, rest, stretch, rest, walk the dogs, return Duds, run, stretch, eat.

The run was an easy 5K with strides. Wanted to run in the sun, but got delayed heading out, so didn’t get much heat.

Still, got to decide on a few kit changes. Not wearing the cap on Sunday – It’s a cool weather cap, and retains heat, when I need heat to escape. Will just wear sunglasses instead. May also wear the older black shorts instead of the blue ones. They are marginally lighter. Finally, don’t think my favourite yellow tee will do. Will check Fitstuff tomorrow if I can get a good tee/singlet. If not, will fold the bottom of Reebok tee and use that.

Ate a lot today. Porridge and a buttered toast for breakfast, 2(!) salads and chicken for lunch, a huge chicken katsu with rice for dinner, and a ton of other stuff in between – peanut butter toast, whey protein, dark chocolate, and 2x feroglobin.

Stretching and foam rolling helped. Left hamstring was tender, couldn’t do much with it, but the hip flexors felt well relaxed. Silver lining.

2 days to London – stretching, rolling, running

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