Awesome sauce: wireless adb debugging

tldr: Android 11 has introduced adb debugging over wifi. It is super awesome!

My test device, a Pixel 1, stopped working recently. It shutdown while connected over USB during a test, and then never restarted. Debugging with an emulator on my old (though still much loved) laptop is tiresome. So, I needed an alternative to continue development before I could buy another testing device.

Solution: A different applicationIdSuffix1 for my debug apk so I can install it alongside the production version. When combined with wireless debugging, I’m all set up to continue development on my main device, a Pixel 2 XL.

It’s awesome sauce.

How to set up wireless debugging: Android documentation.

How to use a different application id to install both production and debug versions: I used these instructions.

  1. Also a different icon and application name for the debug version.