TIL: How to publish an Android library with github+jitpack

Key steps I was missing:

  1. Ensure that the repository root has a settings.gradle file with a line referring to the library:
    include ':customcomponents'
  2. Add apply plugin: 'com.android.library'​ at the top of the library’s build.gradle file.
  3. Add group, version and base name to library’s build.gradle file:
    group = "com.github.adityabhaskar"
    version = android.defaultConfig.versionName
    archivesBaseName = 'customcomponents'
  4. Push to Github. Preferably, give it a version tag.
  5. Open jitpack.io. Connect to Github. Select library
    • If using a free account, the github repository needs to be public/OSS.
  6. Select a commit, or a branch snapshot and click on ‘Get it’. Build process will start in the background. If all goes well, the library will be available to use in projects.

More library related notes:

  • When moving code from app to library: make all relevant internal members as public so they can be accessed from the app.
  • To override any resources in the library, redeclare them in the app. The app resources will be used. E.g. override colours used in the library by redeclaring them in the app. (Will only work with public resources).