Going downhill – Legs versus a Bike

I like to let my thoughts wander while on long, easy runs. Makes the run easy when the focus isn’t on distance. Or speed.

On yesterday’s run, the wandering, jaywalking brain came back with an interesting thought (observation) on running, and cycling:

When running down an easy descent, legs work as wheels on a bike – lightly ticking over with little effort, tapping the momentum generated by body’s weight and gravity for motion.

When running down a steep descent, legs work as brakes on a bike – slowing down the body to prevent falling over due to its own momentum.



2014 – Plans & Targets

Fred Whitton Challenge

Core planned events:

  1.  IceMan 10-Mile Trail Run (25 Jan)
  2.  Wokingham Half Marathon (9 Feb) [Event cancelled due to flooding]
  3.  Surrey Half Marathon (9 Mar)
  4.  Ronde van Vlaanderen Sportive (5 Apr)
  5.  Fred Whitton Challenge Sportive (11 May) <<< Main target event for the year!
  6. ✘ Steel Man Olympic-distance Triathlon (12 July) [Haven’t been swimming for 6 months :(]
  7.  Hike Ben Nevis (26 Aug)
  8.  Richmond/Kew Half Marathon (21 Sep)
  9.  Leatherhead Sprint Duathlon (19 Oct)
  10.  Wild Man 15K Trail Run (22 Nov)
  11.  Hogs Back Run (7 Dec)

Other options:

  1. ✘ Dunwich Dynamo (12 July)
  2. ✘ Exmouth Exodus (9 Aug)
  3. ✘ Hampton Court – Kingston Bridge Swim (20 Jul)
  4.  Windermere Marathon (18 May) [Unlikely, given it’s the weekend after Fred Whitton]
  5. ✘ Hell of the Ashdowns (16 Feb) [Was in India]
  6. ✘ Marmotte Sportive (7 Jul) [Sold Out]
2014 – Plans & Targets


Failed the brick session today. Didn’t hydrate on the bike properly, so had to cut down the run to just 5K. Pissed at my stupidity!

For someone born and brought up in a place where temperature tops 40C for months in a row every year, I’m disappointed how even high-20s heat crashes my body’s engine so spectacularly :(

Hope the heat relents next weekend. I’ve got a 125 mile ride, and really don’t want to suffer so long in 25C+ temperatures.


Emily Finch, (A) Super Woman!

Emily Finch, mother of 6, fabulous cycling citizen, and currently our favourite person on the planet.
Emily Finch, mother of 6, fabulous cycling citizen, and currently our favourite person on the planet.

Emily on ‘Why cycle?‘:

Emily bikes for a simple and somewhat corny reason. It makes her happy. And she and Mitch love the sweet chaos of children and family. “I love my bike,” she insisted repeatedly during our conversation, “I really do. Because it’s changed my life. I can’t really explain it. In the end, my bike just brings me happiness.”

Emily on ‘Why not electric-assist?‘:

Faced with pedalling several hundred pounds (she once estimated a load of groceries, kids, and gear at 550 pounds) she has perfected a technique to deliver maximum power to the pedals.

When I asked her why she doesn’t get an electric-assist system, she replied with a big smile, “Because I like chocolate!”

Read more about this fabulous woman here, and follow her on twitter here.

Image from Non Pro Cycling Blog.

Emily Finch, (A) Super Woman!

One Man And His Bike

“When the spirits are low.  When the day appears dark.  When work becomes monotonous.  When hope hardly seems worth having.  Just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.”

– Arthur Conan Doyle, cited by Mike Carter in ‘One Man and his Bike’.



Bike1 Run Swim
2016: 0 km 
2015: 1612 km
2014: 1466 km
2013: 2328 km
2012: 2111 km
2011: 3796 km
2010: 2267 km
2016: 275 km 
2015: 1202 km
2014: 579 km
2013: 542 km
2012: 97 km
2016: 0 km
2015: 9.1 km
2014: 9.1 km
2013: 18 km
Plans for 2016:
  1. Run 200Km in January
  2. Wokingham Half Marathon (21 Feb)  <<< Target: sub 1 hr 40 mins
  3. MABAC Cranleigh 21 mile race (20 Mar)
  4.    Brighton Marathon (17 Apr)  <<< Target: sub 4 hrs
  5. ? 30-50 mile ultra
  6. Steel Man Olympic-distance Triathlon (July)
  7. Down tow up flow, Marlow-Windsor Half Marathon (24 July)
  8.    Berlin Marathon (25 Sep)  <<< Target: sub 3 hrs 45 mins
  9.    Hogs Back Road Race (4 Dec)  <<< Target: sub 55 mins

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