Love the rain in LDN these days it…

Love the rain in LDN these days – it pours well, more like the monsoon back home than the dreary, fickly drizzle this city usually gets.
I love the sun – always have, but more so in LDN since I know I’ll soon be spending months in a row begging for a good sight of it.

The rain, accompanied by those loud thunderstorms and lightening, wrecked my plans for a century ride to Brighton today. Still, finding it really hard to diss it. In fact, wishing for some more… rather lots more… before a dry day tomorrow :)


2 thoughts on “Love the rain in LDN these days it…

    1. :) … why did you complain about this weather? … and when?

      As for weather, I don’t mind the rain one bit, in fact really love it. Rain or sun are both good. It’s the dreary, dark grey, short winter days that bug the hell out of me! :/

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