Chrome Extensions I use (start 2018 edition)

This is the updated, early 2018 snapshot of the list of Chrome extensions and apps I use.

Favourites/recommendations are in bold.
My own extensions/apps are marked with an asterisk (*).
Extensions by Google are marked with a (G)

The previous list, from late 2015, is here.


General purpose

  • AcceleReader* for Instapaper – Offline adding, better formatting, keyboard shortcuts, quick search, and lots more
  • AcceleReader* for Pocket – Supports reading time tags, unread article count and lots more
  • Blipshot – Quick, easy screenshots of full webpages including scroll-hidden portions.
  • Clutter Free* – Prevents duplicate tabs. Own extension.
  • Google Calendar(G) – See schedule in a popup, time to next appointment on badge, and desktop notifications of appointments
  • Google Dictionary(G) – Quick definitions in a click
  • Google Keep Chrome Extension(G) – Quickly save pages, notes, highlights to Keep
  • Google Translate(G) – Automatically translate web pages; Quickly translate selections on pages
  • LastPass – Password Manager
  • Pastel New Tab with a clock* – A simple new tab page with a random pastel background, a clock, and, optionally, a list of your top visited sites.
  • Pushbullet – Share links, files, messages across devices
  • The Great Suspender – Automatically suspend tabs to reduce system load
  • Todo.txt for Chrome* – Simple task management app that works with a text file in Dropbox
  • uBlock Origin – Ad blocker
  • Grammarly for Chrome – Provides grammar feedback while typing. Good, but doesn’t work well with WordPress’ calypso editor
  • Protect my choices(G) – Opt-out of interest-based ads on participating companies’s websites
  • RSS Subscription Extension(G) – One click subscription to RSS feeds from address bar
  • Search by Image(G) – Reverse search images on google from right click menu
  • Session Buddy – Save tabs from browser sessions. I need this because my Chrome dev work occasionally crashes my browser
  • autoConvert* – Automattic currency & unit converter
  • Google Hangouts(G) – Desktop hangouts extension
  • Google Play Music(G)

Google Drive


Chrome Apps


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