Chrome Extensions I use

Just thought I’d share the full list of Chrome apps and extensions I use. Favourites/recommendations are in bold.


General / Productivity:

Privacy / Adblockers:



General / Productivity:

  • Google Hangouts – IM of choice.
  • Google Keep – For short notes & lists. Use Simplenote for longer ones.
  • Google Play Music
  • Pomodoro Timer – Standalone timer app I use to schedule work & breaks
  • Todo.txt app – Simple text-file compatible task management app. Keep it open on 2nd screen. Own App.
  • Word Counter Notepad – Simple notepad that counts/limits words or charachters as you type. Also supports markdown. Use it to write blogposts (in markdown, incl this one) and responses to word-limited forms. Own App.



Installed, but disabled – used on specific occasions, or installed for testing, or waiting to be removed etc

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