Ride 7, 2011 – Upton Park

Ride 7, 2011 - Upton Park

I haven’t been blogging much lately and do realise I need to get back to it. However, since I still can’t get my head together enough to write anything sensible, I though I’ll start small and easy.

So, this is another brief post about a ride I took earlier this month to Upton Park. The purpose of ride – you wouldn’t have guessed it – was to buy ‘Indian’ Maggi at a store there. Of course, there was also the added incentive of having some good chaat at Vijay’s Chaawala across the road from the store.

The ride to Upton Park was relatively easy but had to stop frequently to check the route on mobile. Apart from the first 2-3kms to Camden, the whole route was completely new to me and frequent stopping didn’t help my speed. Towards the end, the route ran on the outer boundary of Olympic Village and gave me some brilliant views of the upcoming facilities, specially the much talked about aquatics centre (which, on the outside, is complete except for polishing the looks). Unfortunately, I wasn’t carrying the camera for this ride so couldn’t take any decent photos.

London2012 Aquatics

Later, I had to do a double take on a small section and then find a new route for the final 5-km section as the route suggested by mapmyride.com had been closed as it passed through the Olympic park.

Anyway, reached Upton Park in time and bought enough of a stash of Maggi to last us a month or two. Followed it up with an alu-tikki chat, some jalebi and a chai at Vijay’s to top up the benefits of the ride.

'Indian' Maggi

The ride back wasn’t easy though. The wind was now heading into me, the light was failing (I’d taken too long gorging at Vijay’s) and the cold was starting to bite. Nevertheless, made home in good time – faster than the to-journey since I didn’t have to look at the map too many times.

Over all, I liked the ride. The route, despite having quite a few traffic lights and turns, was better than the cycling through central or City. The terrain was mostly flat with only a few mild rises here and there. And, most importantly, there was good desi food to be had at the end. Now who doesn’t cycle 20 odd kms for a good samosa, jalebi and chai? I definitely do :)

Ride 7, 2011 – Upton Park