Roads to Ride – Box Hill

Box Hill, A Week After It Snowed
Roads to Ride – Box Hill

To be fair, it really isn’t one of the great roads to ride. It isn’t even the best, or hardest, of roads in its neighbourhood (I find Leith Hill both more interesting and, depending on the route taken, more challenging to ride). Yet, the zig-zag road on Box hill has developed a special place in the folklore of London & SE UK’s cyclists. No Surrey rides are marked complete without visiting this one road, and possibly gorging on some coffee and cake at the cafe in picture above. For me too, it must be the most ridden route after Richmond Park and the route to Cambridge.
So, here it is, marking a token local presence in today’s maverick collection of roads to ride.

Photo by braveheart cyclist, and a better triathlete, @TroyMaloy on Twitter.