Less Space For Cars = More Pleasant Environment For Humans

“Taking space away from cars – by reducing car parking and shrinking roads – is more important than providing bikeways, sidewalks or transit facilities, if we expect more people to walk, bike and use transit. Taking away car space slows traffic, reduces pedestrian crossing distances, and creates a more pleasant, human-scaled environment that is conducive and welcoming to pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users.”

Michael Ronkin

Via Stephen. His blog is a must read if you’re interested in a post-car urban living model.


A Short History Of Traffic Engineering

A Short History Of Traffic Engineering
A Short History Of Traffic Engineering

Image by Michael’s Copenhagenize , via Mark Treasure on twitter.

I’d recommend these two fellas as must-follow if you’re interested in propogation and evolution of cycling as a mainstream transport medium. Michael is already a leading advocate, and advisor, on designing cities for cycling. Mark is doing great work covering, and advocating for, rights of cyclists on the road and, preferably, off them, in the UK.


42 less cars…

42 less cars...

Love the idea and execution of the campaign. Simple, yet hard hitting… on several counts. Great job Brompton!

Wonder when will the building/office managers and town planners realise a simple fact and provide more (and secure) bike parking. Even if we were not to consider folding bikes, I’m sure I could easily fit in at least 7 full length bikes in that parking space. And we’re talking hatchback parking here, the long sedans, SUVs and limos take up much more.

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42 less cars…