Sunday run

22K late evening run middle of this summer. Started slow and easy down the steep Mount, went slightly faster as I turned on to the riverside, passing couples out for evening stroll, and ducks returning for a kip.

7K mark, said hello to a lovely couple sat by their boat reading books in evening sunlight.

10K mark, time to turn around at the neighbouring town of Godalming. Time for a stretch and a gel.

12K mark, dad and 2 daughters on a kayak, in the river. Brief chat as I run the bend. The elder daughter prepares to go for a dip in the river.

14K mark, the couple by the boat have lit a small fire, and a wine bottle has replaced the books. They offer a glass. Alas, I have to pass!

17K mark, the swans and ducks are gone for the night, legs are getting heavy, and the steep Mount is nearing.

Hit the mount. Breathing quickens, steps shorten.

Finish the mount. The sunset view draws a smile, the watch hits 20K, and the end (home!) is almost in sight.

1 hour, 58 mins after I started, am home. Greeted by a girl with beer in her hand, my salty face licked clean by Chewie, and the chicken roast smell filling the house. Time to stretch, cold shower, and feast. Another Sunday has come to an end.

Chewie & Me after a 10 mile trail run

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