Running on a hog’s back…

The Route - Hog's Back Race 2014
The Route – Notice the Hog?

The ridge / hill we live on is called Hog’s Back, and there’s an annual running race organised by Guildford & Godalming Athletic Club based around it – The Hog’s Back Road Race.

The race seems to be a big thing amongst local running clubs. I missed it last year – discovered it late, and by then I was already signed up to run my first trail run, the Mud Man, on the same weekend. So, I’d been looking forward to it this year.

It being my last event for the year might also have something to do with why I was looking forward to it ;)

I’ve been in good shape – general fitness and running form wise – recently, so was confident about the run, despite the painful climb up the Mount. There had been a niggle in the old bugger – the right hamstring – but taking a couple of days off all training helped with it. The only handicap was I got barely 3 hours of sleep the previous night. Bad, but nothing that a strong coffee couldn’t cure.

Coffee drunk, standard pre-race meal of toast and Eat Natural bar consumed, lots of wrangling to get the race number on the new running belt done, it was time to run.

The start was unexpectedly fast. I’d planned for a 6:00/km pace avg, with a 5:30 avg on the flats. The first 4 km, with small hills, went 4:32, 5:14, 4:29, 5:14. Something had to give. And it did. Midway through the big climb of the day, I was forced into the walk of shame. Just a few 10s of meters, but a walk it was. Km 5 took 6:50. The next K involved recovery, saying hello to Coco, and running on familiar ground of the Hogs Back. 5:23. 4:51. 4:27. 4:46. 4:37. The 10K took 50 min 23 sec. Just 50 secs off my PB, and it included a hill and a half! If only I hadn’t walked the hill :(

Hogs Back Road Race, 07 Dec 2014
Running tall… maybe fast too

The 11th Km included the tiny, surprise ascent back to Loseley park. It hurt more than the big hill had. I walked again. Just about 10m, but a shameful walk it was! 5:11. That last 5K went in 23:52 – just 6 secs off my PB! If only I hadn’t walked those 10m :(

Hogs Back Race - Profile
There’s a tiny bump in the final incline. It hurt!

Sprinted, as much as those mulching leg muscles would allow, the last 700m. Finished in 57:45 (official time 57:59). About 12 mins faster than the race plan! I was, obviously, smiling for rest of the day :)

Hogs Back Road Race 2014 Medal
Ran my fastest 11.7Km, just to get my hands on this Hog!

My hypothesis on possible reason behind the surprisingly fast run: Either, or more, of these work – sleep less, drink coffee, race on the road (all my training runs are on soft trail), get partner to drive you to the run. Or possible the lure of that Hog-shaped medal :)

Met Chewie and her caretaker, hugged Chewie, kissed the caretaker. Received medal, gave it to Chewie for safekeeping. Got a banana, shared it with Chewie. Drank water. Lots of water. And headed back home after a quick photo op with Chewie, sans the caretaker.

Post Race Recovery Photo Op
Post Race Recovery Photo Op

The caretaker, also known as my partner Rags, took off for her weekend run soon after we reached home*, while I stretched and went for the ritual ice-cold shower.

I’d considered going for a short, 20-mile ride after the run, but lethargy took over, and warm bed won out. Sorry bike!

    • read as: I had to kick her out of home for her weekend run, looooong after returning home.

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