No Chain No Gain

This is a draft of the post (below the fold) I started writing after last year’s Burgess Hill Sportive. It’d been my first sportive, and first proper ride, of the year. It was also the first time I almost died on a ride. Had to stop and recover, twice each, on both Kidds Hill (The Wall) and Cob Lane before completing them (I never walk uphill, that’s for hiking trips). It was an embarrassment, and a wake up call. Thankfully, it came well in time and I could prepare better for the one that mattered – RvV (Tour of Flanders) sportive. Just leaving this out here, now that I’ve finally successfully completed the course. Might even come back to this some day and finish the post. It deserves this.

Burgess Hill Challenge (Originally written on 18 Mar 2013, at 18:22)

Woke up at 4. Ran to/through the station at 5:40 for a 5:47 train. Train delayed to 5:55. Reached sportive site at 7:10. Most organisers still arriving. Amongst the first, if not the first, sportiver to arrive. Registered for the day; aside: lovely lady and gent manning the counter. Volunteers from some youth cadet corp manning counters for pre-registered riders. 90 minute wait begins – storage locker people hadn’t arrived yet so I couldn’t change to cycling dress. Had a coffee, admired bikes of riders arriving, saw some interesting kits (CCCP)


Before the ride:
2 brioche
1 yogurt
1 powerade
1/4 granola bar
1 coffee

1st pit stop:
2 bananas
1/3 sausage roll
3 candies

2nd pit stop:
2/3 sausage rolls
1 coffee
1/2 banana
3 candies

Cheese & Tomato roll

Victoria sponge cake
1 coffee
3/4 coke can

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No Chain No Gain

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