Disappointment. Inspiration. Optimist. Or Plain Crazy?

Earlier today went swimming only the 2nd time this month. Suffered.
Even managed to get a cramp finishing just 40 lengths.

Haven’t run in 16 days. Hate myself.
Disappointed in myself.

There was just one big target for this year – to finish a standard (Olympic) distance triathlon. After working hard for 5.5 months towards it, I’d completely slacked in last month to go completely off course, laying all that work to waste1.

My main pre-triathlon target was the Thames swim from Hampton Court palace to Kingston bridge. The event happened a week ago. I didn’t even go close.

The Tri I had planned to do is on 8th September, the Diamond triathlon, at Dorney rowing lake. After the swim today, I came to grips with reality, and accepted defeat.

Between the cramp and giving up on the triathlon target, the day had turned gloomy.

After sulking a few hours, I chanced upon Alan’s race report from his first Ironman. He’s an Outlaw!

I’m inspired again. So inspired that I can’t sleep thanks to the adrenaline rush.

And I’m planning again.

Thinking of adding an early season open water swim event to the usual Tour of Flanders, and the planned Brighton marathon. Then planning to target a tri in May or June, instead of leaving it for later in the season. And if all goes well, training rest of the year for an ironman in 2015.

How does it sound – optimist, or just crazy?

  1. Well not entirely wasted. I did manage to lose 18kg, went from barely running 100m to comfortably running 10K, from barely swimming 20x 1-length sets to finishing 60 lengths in sets of 4 &10. Need to connect them together now. And buy a wetsuit.
Disappointment. Inspiration. Optimist. Or Plain Crazy?

One thought on “Disappointment. Inspiration. Optimist. Or Plain Crazy?

  1. Alan Grove says:

    Hey! Alan of the Outlaw Race Report here. Looking at what you have done already I reckon you’d make it around an Olympic Tri. And that’s all you want to do for starters – get to the finish and enjoy a big old helping of “I CAN!’. A venue like Dorney is perfect if you are nervous about the swim. My first Oly was there in 2010. Sign up for that race, do lots of swimming before it – you WILL improve. And you know you can do the bike and the run. Nothing focuses the mind like committing an entry fee!

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