Cycling – 2011 Mileage, 2012 Targets

The year drew to a close while I was away in Tanzania, so never got to write my spurt of year end posts. This, is a short fill-in for one.

My total mileage in

  • 2010 : 2,266 km / 1,409 miles
  • 2011 : 3,796 km / 2,359 miles

Here’s the month-wise breakup:

Jan’11, I was just feeling the cold and being lazy. Nov & Dec were lost to walking / hiking in preparation for for the Kilimanjaro ascent (which I successfully did on 23rd Dec).

I missed my target of 3000 miles for the year by a big margin, still 2011 was a much better year for my cycling. Some of the milestones of 2011 were:

Finally, coming to plans for 2012. They are simple (and slightly repetitive):

  • 4000 miles of riding, all inclusive
  • More sportives (attended only 2 this year)
  • Lower HR
  • Better Climbing (subjective, but important)
  • 100 50mile+ rides
  • LEJOG / Cycling vacation in Lake District
  • Cycling vacation on the continent, preferably closer to the Alps
  • Get Rags a road bike and get her riding hills with me :)

Doable? Check back at end of year.

P.S.: While I missed my year end target of 3000 miles, Steve hit it with ease, finishing the year at 3,024 miles. His target, though, was 4000 miles. Good luck to him for 2012.

Cycling – 2011 Mileage, 2012 Targets

4 thoughts on “Cycling – 2011 Mileage, 2012 Targets

  1. Yes I think it’s doable. Especially if you get Rags to join in with you on some of the rides it will be fun for you both.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the support, Chet.

      Rags has been immensely supportive this year, but mostly from the sidelines. Target for 2012 is to get her cycling more.

      Also, why don’t you give cycling a shot as well?

  2. Congratulations on a great 2011. You missed your 3,000 mile mark, but you did climb Mount Kilimanjaro – a good trade, in my view! You’ve got a great 2012 planned out. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Steve. Yup, it was a good trade. In fact, liked it so much that thinking of splitting time between hiking and cycling every winter :)

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