First 100 miler

Failed to reach the target destination but still completed my first imperial century yesterday.

Had planned to ride to King’s Lynn on the North Sea coast in Norfolk. Unfortunately, a late departure meant I wasn’t sure I’d make it in time for the last train to London. So, stopped at a small town (or large village?) about 10 miles earlier. The distance already read 156km so rode around the town to take it over 161km mark :)

SJW To Downham

I’ve got a problem though. Every time I come back from one of these longish rides, the body just refuses to cool down. Like yesterday, though I took a long shower right after getting back, the body stayed burning hot till late into the night. It almost felt like somewhere inside the body was still burning calories at the same rate as while riding at the peak. 2nd consecutive ride this happened and I have no idea how to stop that. Any help is really, really, REALLY appreciated!

P.S.: The sun killed me! The temperature was only 25-27 C but was downing humongous amounts of water and still feeling dehydrated-ish all the time.

P.P.S: Haven’t test ridden the Synapse yet. If I can stay awake, then might test ride it today.

First 100 miler

8 thoughts on “First 100 miler

  1. Holy moly! Congratulations on your first 100 mile ride! That number seems absolutely insane to me. What kept you going? Were you listening to music? I would have eventually got bored and stopped!

    6,259 calories burnt… wow. Just wow.

    Congratulations again man, that’s an epic achievement.

    1. Thanks Gaurav!

      Nope, I don’t listen to music when riding – find it really dangerous since it reduces the audio feedback of traffic / happenings on the road.

      What kept me going? Well, the idea of getting there as soon as I could :)

      Thanks again dude!

  2. Blot says:

    Gaaah. 100 miles, 7 hours of riding, more than 6000 calories? The mind is thoroughly boggled. Congratulations! (Visualise jaw on floor and pathetic attempts to pull it upwards.)

    Re. the cooling, what about stuff you’d’ve tried to combat the heat back home? Like sitting in a wet t-shirt (ideally in front of or below a fan), drinking buttermilk or ice-cream shakes, lying in a bath…

    Oh, I know another one: standing on our balcony eating Waitrose tiramisu. ;)

      1. Thanks dude. Just tried that. Seems to have worked really well. Though it takes lots of balls to get into that fucking freezing bath. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh :/

    1. Thanks Blot! Though it was a lot of effort, I won’t put much into that 6k calorie figure as I’m not sure how Garmin calculates that. Specially since I haven’t yet installed the cadence sensor.

      As for the cooling off stuff, just tried the cold bath technique. It does take a lot of balls to do that shit. More than the ride itself required! But the good part is that it seems to have done the trick. Feeling better already :)

      Waitrose tiramisu – Finally tried it last week. Rags got it for me as a reward after the 100km ride to Cambridge. I have to agree with JD, it’s the best (pre-packaged) tiramisu I’ve ever had. On the overall list, probably #4 or 5.

      P.S.: If you haven’t had lunch yet, how about I treat you to Nando’s chicken? I’ve got a coupon for free full chicken and Rags refuses to help :|

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