Not chat apps

Chat apps were once for digital p2p1 communication—chatting.

Now chat apps have become the media for news, faux news, entertainment, memes, commerce, and more. They are a combination of, for old school web-ers, a portal, a usenet or yahoo group or bulletin board, and mass email (with everyone in cc).

With chat apps no longer primarily the medium for p2p digital communication, what is the new chat app?

In corporate environment, this p2p role is partly fulfilled by Slack DMs and email. Which app will fulfil this role in personal use case?

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(Dis)Honesty in pricing communication

(Dis)Honesty in pricing communication


Fuel prices at the pump go up as crude recovers.


Fuel prices at pump hold high as crude drops. Oil companies explain it being due to long-term contracts / futures.


Newspaper increases prices, explains increase due to rising cost of newsprint and logistics.


Newspaper offers digital-only subscription at same price as print-only subscription.


Airlines add-on surcharges as crude hovers over $100/bbl.


Airlines record unprecedented profits on base of crude prices dropping by half. Surcharges remain as at peak.