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AcceleReader – tagging, history chart & beta support

It’s been a good few days of updating all my Chrome projects with various upgrades, and bug fixes. Here’s a quick review of the updates to AcceleReader – one of the newest in my collection.

Update 1 – For the taggers

AcceleReader - Add tags from notification
AcceleReader – Add tags from notification

Add tags to articles from article-added notification when you add them to your Pocket list. The ‘Add Tags’ link in notification opens a pop-up to add tags to that article.

AcceleReader - Filtered tags with article counts
AcceleReader – Filtered tags with article counts

Filtered tags, and unread article counts, in Pocket on web

Pocket, by default, shows all tags ever used when the list of tags is opened. This default behaviour is not very useful when, like for me, a majority of tags have no currently unread articles against them.

AcceleReader no filters the tag list to show only the tags which have unread articles, and it displays count of unread articles against each tag.

Update 2 – More quick actions

AcceleReader - More quick actions from browser button
AcceleReader – More quick actions from browser button

Right clicking on AcceleReader browser button now provides access to all actions:

  • Add current page to Pocket
  • Open Pocket in new tab
  • Read a random article – the surprise me option, and
  • a new one – View Graph

Update 3 – For graph lovers

AcceleReader - Article count graph
AcceleReader – Article count graph

If you have been using AcceleReader for a while, you can now get a nice chart of count of articles in your Pocket account. The chart works best if you have background sync setting enabled.

The chart is accessible from options page, or from right clicking the AcceleReader icon in the browser.

Update 4 – For Pocket Beta users

Finally, AcceleReader now works with both – the regular Pocket channel, as well as the Pocket beta channel.

When you open Pocket, the extension automatically detects which version of Pocket you are using, and customizes all links to work with that version – beta or regular.

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