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My dear Google & WordPress overlords,

We need to talk about something. Keyboard Shortcuts.

I like both your products. And even if you refuse, despite all the frustration, I will keep using both your products. Yet, I request you, as I must, to please spare me, and thousands of others, the misery of trying to recall two different sets of keyboard shortcuts. Please, our dear software overlords, shower us with some of your infinite kindness, and reconcile your keyboard shortcuts for compose boxes/areas/windows, and anything else they may be used for.

As a frequent user of Gmail, Google Drive Documents & Sheets, as well as WordPress, I’m quite tired of remembering 2 different sets of shortcuts. I’m bored with pressing Ctrl-K in WordPress, expecting an insert/edit link box to appear, and of pressing Alt-Shift-O in Gmail and wondering why an ordered list wouldn’t appear.

So I, your devoted user, humbly request you to please have pity on my puny brain, and reconcile your respective sets of keyword shortcuts for text composition. 

Yours, and yours only,


Which set should reign supreme? I’m just a mere mortal, incapable of making such important decisions.
You insist? Well, in that case my suggestion would be to go for Google’s list. While the WP shortcuts are more intuitive, specially for people who understand basics of HTML (Alt-Shift-O for ordered list, Alt-Shift-U for unordered, Alt-Shift-Q for quoted text, Alt-Shift-A for an anchor tag), the Google shortcut list is rather simpler for people from non-tech backgrounds to understand (Ctrl-Shift-7, Ctrl-Shift-8, Ctrl-Shift-9 and Ctrl-K for the same actions as WP). This doesn’t just make it easier for those people to continue using Google products, but also makes it easier for them to adapt to using WordPress, when they do, without having to learn or understand the rationale behind the shortcuts.
Also, this.

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