Thoughts, from a lost context

Discovered these thoughts scribbled (hypothetically) on a note in a draft on my phone. Have lost the exact context in which they were written, but they still seem intuitive yet incisive:

Now that I think about it after a few hours, maybe it’s not just who you work for. Another factor could be what state is the organisation you work for in. I was comparing my state – kindling a startup – to theirs – working in huge, established organisation. My priority is speed. The priority in their organisations may be stability. My focus is to get there somehow. Anyhow. For their organisations, the focus is to stay there. ¬†And to stay within the rules, norms and processes. My focus is quick iteration. Their organisations must be focussing on long-term strategy. Though, one thing is common – the target for both of us is survival. That doesn’t change with size.