Post Microsoft

10 years ago Microsoft software was dominant in my usage – Windows, Office, Messenger, IE, and probably more.

Today, the only Microsoft product that I use is Visual Studio Code (I switched from Sublime Text last year).

I haven’t used Windows, IE or messenger in a decade. I do occasionally use Excel and Skype, when someone insists, but have neither installed on my devices.

I’m better from this transition, and, after struggling with the transition under Balmer, so is Microsoft.

I may not directly user Microsoft products, but a lot of services, products, and websites that I use will have Azure as their backend.

As a business, Azure is more scalable, has better margins, is more forward looking, and is far less susceptible to fickle consumer trends.

Win win win?

Came to this post Microsoft era realisation while reading Benedict Evan’s post on Microsoft and Facebook.

Which reminds me – I use one more of Microsoft’s products than I use of Facebook’s (zero).

Update: I realised later that there’s one more Microsoft product that I use – LinkedIn. And a product that should’ve been a Microsoft one – Slack.

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