iPhone 4S IS iPhone 5

Have a look at the iPhone versions:

  1. iPhone
  2. iPhone 3G
  3. iPhone 3GS
  4. iPhone 4
  5. iPhone 4S
  6. iPhone 6?

Is it possible that there the next iPhone won’t be an iPhone 5, but a mega product launched as iPhone 6? (In other words, iPhone 4S IS iPhone 5)

Also, I think that today’s launch of 4S was just what the market needed – an updated model to win over the flood of droid users that are scheduled to come out of their 2-year contracts over these 2-3 months. After all, it is widely known that the timing of today’s announcements was mainly to lure those users.

Also, this middling update wins a lot of time for finishing off its real iPhone upgrade (which could be an iPhone 6, not 5). Now, that is something worth waiting for…

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