Too good to read

Cleared my Pocket list backlog last week – from about 1200 to sub 100.

Mostly by deleting a ton of articles.

Felt. So. Good.

With a small side effect. The remaining articles are the crem de la crem of my erstwhile long list – articles that I really, really want to read. And this is preventing me from reading them. Afraid that I might finish them too quickly, and be left with the monotony of the average.

Thoughts on Kindle

Kindle Paperwhite

Strong-hinted the girlfriend into buying me a Kindle paperwhite for the birthday*. Here’s a few early thoughts:

  • Good:
    1. Can read without distractions from notifications, twitter, mail, news, the Internet!
    2. Fits in jacket inside pocket
    3. Lighter than paperback so doesn’t weigh jacket/bag down
    4. Can read at night without disturbing girlfriend or dog
    5. Can read anywhere in day without trouble
    6. Most books are released on Kindle at same time as hardcover (which I hate), so don’t have to wait an year for paperback editions
  • Bad:
    1. WiFi is flaky
    2. Can’t flip around the book – forward and back – quickly
    3. Miss the paperback touch & feel :(
    4. Can’t quickly see how much of book is remaining

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