Everyone knows you have a car. You know …

Everyone knows you have a car. You know that you really don’t need to flaunt it anymore.You’ve already been complaining about cold weather, so you don’t need the AC.You’re cribbing about the parking and jams, so driving is only going to be a pain.

Then, why not take an auto for that 5 min drive to the ice-cream shop? There’s no law that says that you can not take an auto after you’ve bought a car. Nor do I think is there a law against taking your young kid and wife in an auto.

If I were you, I’d have taken my bike. Or walked. You aren’t me. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get off your high horse for a bit. Take public transport, an auto. Give your car a rest. Your ego as well. You really don’t have to drive everywhere. Specially when driving is so stressful that even you consider not going a preferable alternative.

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Yes, I am.

Grew up in a house where everyone had a greater right to the place than us, the year-round residents. Or caretakers, as I felt of us. A house which was rarely without visitors – friends, well-wishers and, mostly, relatives (well-wishing or not). A weak financial status didn’t help our independence either. And the bullish Punjabi culture around didn’t give much space to our soft, almost meek, personalities.

So, you may understand when I say I value my privacy. That I ferociously protect my private space and time. And I’m very Very choosy about who I call a close friend. Friends, yes, plenty. Close friends I’ll share my heart with on every topic – not even a handful. Yet, priceless.

It may also help you understand why I so diligently maintain my distance from the few close relatives I have in this country. Knowingly or not, they did spoil a lot of things for me while I was growing up. Many more than they could pay for with the gifts they brought on every visit to India. So, when I maintain this distance, I only do them a favour – by not interfering in their lives in a similar manner. Or giving them the faintest of hints that they could interfere in mine.

P.S.: These thoughts were brought out of hibernation by a voice-mail invitation from an Aunt to a year-end family gathering. Interestingly, she called from a private number, asked me to call back and confirm but forgot to leave her number – should I read much into this? :|