It shouldn’t have surprised me when I f…

It shouldn’t have surprised me when I found myself unconsciously switching on the TV this Sunday expecting to see a formula one race. My mind it seems, rightly, is wired to see sports on weekends in January.

Australian F1 GP and the Australian Open tennis can’t come soon enough :)

P.S.: Was reminded I’m not alone on seeing tweets by @Brit_Asian_Girl and @nikster007 awaiting the start of F1 season.

‘I suspect you’re thinking of Pascal,…

‘I suspect you’re thinking of Pascal,’ Finkler said, finally. ‘Only he said the opposite. He said you might as well wager on God because that way, even if He doesn’t exist, you’ve nothing to lose. Whereas if you wager against God and He does exist…’

‘You’re in the shit.’

‘I wish I’d said that.’

‘You will, Finkler.’

The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson