Everyone knows you have a car. You know …

Everyone knows you have a car. You know that you really don’t need to flaunt it anymore.You’ve already been complaining about cold weather, so you don’t need the AC.You’re cribbing about the parking and jams, so driving is only going to be a pain.

Then, why not take an auto for that 5 min drive to the ice-cream shop? There’s no law that says that you can not take an auto after you’ve bought a car. Nor do I think is there a law against taking your young kid and wife in an auto.

If I were you, I’d have taken my bike. Or walked. You aren’t me. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get off your high horse for a bit. Take public transport, an auto. Give your car a rest. Your ego as well. You really don’t have to drive everywhere. Specially when driving is so stressful that even you consider not going a preferable alternative.

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This 1st India-SA test is bringing back …

This 1st India-SA test is bringing back some fond memories. Of Indian cricket as it was in the brilliant 90s.

Team India touted as best ever to improve the away winning record before a tour outside the subcontinent.
Team India’s long & strong batting line-up surrenders meekly in face of fast bowling on bouncy wickets.
Team India’s always-average bowlers struggle to bowl out opposition for lack of any real-pace or spinning wickets.
Desperate hope for rain, fog, bad light and all other possible factors that could help snatch a draw.
The inevitable – Sachin tots up another hundred as India lose another away test match horribly.
Heated discussions between pro- & anti-SRT groups on ‘Sachin only plays for records but can’t win/save a match for India’
Cosmetic changes to the team for 2nd test.