Thank you Avi

Was flicking through a notebook and suddenly memories came rushing back of the last pages of Avi’s notebooks in grad school – pages full of reg numbers and signatures, for Avi to sign proxy for.

Class after class, when the signature sheet got to him, he’d crane his neck to see who all from his list were absent and sign for them. Sometimes taking 10s of minutes just checking absences and signing on their behalf. He rarely missed a class. And it was equally rare that he forgot to mark for those who missed.

There were times with 10% of class present, but only 10% marked absent. All thanks to Avi. Never cringing, never being haughty or overbearing, always with a smile, signing for whoever asked :)

Thank you Avi! From me, and probably also from a huge bunch in 41/11.

And thank you again, for bringing a smile on from the memory of those years together.

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