They ask, ‘what are you doing? ‘ The u…

They ask, ‘what are you doing? ‘

The usual answer: nothing much.

Good answers:
Sunbathing on the rooftop
Dancing on a bar table
Oh yes. Ohh yesss. Ahhhhh Yesssssss!
Singing out aloud, on the pot.

What else?

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  1. Was just talking about this with my friend today… trick is, who asks the question first (and so laying the burden of answer this so huge yet so small question upon the other person).

    1. You and your friend must be novices. With me and my friend it goes like this:

      They: What’re you doing?
      Me: Nothing much. You?
      They: Same old. You?

      and so the uncomfortably polite verbal volleys continue, informing both of us how far we’ve drifted apart :)

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