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We’ll cycle through the cycle of our lives

And we’re big fans of Incidental Comics.

We’re smart and friendly!

… and will do anything for a play or a sausage :)

Cyclists ❤ Curves

Morning on the cobbled switchbacks of the Edelweißspitze. — Jered Gruber (@jeredgruber) February 25, 2015

We all ❤ Bill Murray

We’re feeling shleeepy now

We’d love to go touring one day

… specially through Glencoe, when it’s still white. This photo from live exploits of the Super Cycling Man. Follow his round-the-world solo-cycling expedition here.

Cyclists ❤ Curves

… the Dolomites edition

We wait for the day when this is London, Delhi and Bombay

We like this idiot

… and we love everything by Kristof Ramon

She is our favourite queen, ever!