Snow run 2017

It snowed last night. The sticky, wet, turn-everything-white kind of snow. The right kind of snow.

So, naturally we went for an earlier run today. To get in the sight before the crowds (or the sun) spoilt it.

Here’s a few shots :)



Running like a tourist – Hartland Devon edition

Hartland-Devon run route - To the black rock beach and back
Hartland-Devon run – To the black rock beach and back

It’d been many months since the last run as a tourist. The running planned in Croatia didn’t happen – too hot, too hilly (Dubrovnik), and the beaches too beautiful (Hvar) to waste time running.

Autumn & Winter didn’t see any trips anywhere so no chance of being a tourist. And the only other trip planned in spring is to Brighton – to run the Brighton marathon. So that doesn’t count either, I guess.

So when Raghi & her friends decided to go to Devon for a holiday on a long weekend in late March, it provided a good opportunity to get some running-as-a-tourist done.

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Running like a tourist – Hartland Devon edition

Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon

DTUF Route
DTUF Route – Marlow to Windsor, mostly on muddy towpath

Ran my 2nd Half, and only the fourth 10 mile+ run, of the year on 26th July, at Down Tow Up Flow (DTUF) half marathon. Raghs had discovered this race, and when she decided not to run it, I signed up instead1.

DTUF is a point to point race, run on the Thames towpath between Marlow and Windsor. The route alternates each year between Down-Tow (Marlow-Windsor) and Up-Flow (Windsor-Marlow). This year it was running as the river flows, from Marlow to Windsor.

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Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon

Thank you, Girish!

The bike
It all started with this bike (the green one in front)

21 February 2010

I rode the 12Km Bandra ‘cyclothon‘ – an organised ride, on closed roads, through streets of Bandra.

I didn’t own a cycle back then. I hadn’t even thought of riding that cyclothon, let alone going and buying myself a cycle. The idea was all Girish‘s, supported by MehulAmit and a few others on twitter1. We signed up – Raghi borrowed a bike from her friend, Simran, and Girish offered to lend me one of his old bikes.

We, Girish and I, didn’t know each other that well back then. We may have met once or twice, and had chatted on twitter for 6 months or so. And despite just that feeble connection, he didn’t just encourage us to sign up for the event, but also offered to lend his bike.

I loved the cyclothon. It was just 12 Km, mostly through narrow, potholed streets of Bandra. Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed it (as did Raghi, I suspect). It’d been 9 years since I’d last ridden a (my) cycle, and that small event brought back flood of memories of cycling.

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Thank you, Girish!