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Cyclists Colour Chart
Cyclists Colour Chart

Image, and the t-shirt idea, by Tony Walden, shared on Twitter.

Cyclist types covered (best as we could read them):

  1. Solo Racer
  2. Weight Weenie
  3. Down Hiller
  4. Rouleur
  5. Domestique
  6. Enduro Racer (twice?)
  7. Cyclo Cross
  8. Hipster
  9. Time Trialist
  10. Audax
  11. XC MTB?

Suggestion for additional colour: Black, for MAMIL
Explanation: We all (MAMILs) wear mostly black apparel, and have black bikes. And we make the biggest contribution in helping keep the bike industry in black ;)

Another take could be to add outlines of typical bike types below the titles in each of those boxes. If it doesn’t crowd too much.


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