Update – June 2012 30-day challenge

tldr – 3 failures in a week

Was participating in BHF’s London-Brighton ride on the 17th. Also, had planned to extend it by riding back from Brighton to London, making it a 110 mile ride. So, when something came up requiring me to make a trip to Heathrow, I gave in and chose to use the cab/train combo instead of riding there and back. Didn’t want to make the legs undertake an extra 28 mile journey the day before a 110 mile ride. Strike One.

Snap to next weekend. Rather, Friday the 22nd. Rags was working from home, which meant none of us was working. In any case, we had to visit Battersea Dogs Home to check out dogs available for adoption, and hopefully bring home one. Wasn’t sure of any secure bike parking near the dogs home, so in stead decided to take the bus there. Did make up for it a bit by walking back home via Battersea Park but the damage had been done. Strike Two.

Saturday, 23rd of June. It had been a few weeks since both of us spent a full day at home, together, without any interference from either’s work, rides, rehearsals, family or friends. It was lazy, loving, blissful. It also meant that I forgot to go out for even a 30 min walk. Strike Three.

Anyway, regular service resumed on Sunday with an hour-long walk, followed by another hour-long brisk walk today. Going cycling tomorrow and then swimming class on Wednesday. If Google I/O extended doesn’t interfere too much on Thursday, I might finish rest of the month without any hiccups. Either way, the challenge has been a failure :(

Update – June 2012 30-day challenge

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