Proud of my girlfriend…

… on her first proper ride of the year, she bravely rode up the climb from Battersea into Clapham, amongst other smaller climbs. (It’s another matter that she stopped for 10 minutes after the climb to catch her breath and drink about a gallon of water.)

On another note, badly missing my NexusOne. Got the replacement SIM and popped it into the old E71. It’s nowhere close … :'(

Proud of my girlfriend…

3 thoughts on “Proud of my girlfriend…

  1. Since you’re not replying to tweets, let me ask you here. Why the Twitter silence? Hum se koi galti ho gayi hai ymtoh maaf kar dena.

    1. Oh.. nothing wrong with anyone. Just taking a break from twitter, and since I’m doing well without it, don’t check mentions or DMs as well.

      Hope you all are doing well.


  2. :) I’m surviving. All ok. Out of Bombay between Friday and Sunday – a short break but much needed after the cricket OD. Say hello to Rags as well.

    PS: I know exactly what you mean by “doing well without” Twitter. Cheers!

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