Just the 2nd ride…

Ride 2, 2011 - Regular Circuit

I am trying but my mind is still not at rest, hankering back to memories and people in India. Staying home alone didn’t seem a good idea in such a case so I headed out on the bike again yesterday, despite the 3-7°C temperatures – only my 2nd ride of the year. Took almost the same route as last time just removed Camden & Chalk Farm and added Kensington Gardens.

It was a fine 42km ride with an average speed of 22kmph despite all the traffic lights, pedestrians in the park and a south-southeasterly wind, though the max heart rate of 186 was a bummer.

On the other hand, the ride did what it was supposed to – took my mind off stuff and stole away a few hours of alone time. Worked out really well on that account :)


Just the 2nd ride…

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