Cycle Encounters

Last weekend, I had still to open my account in cyclist encounters. 7 days later, I’m well on my way to being a veteran.

Incident 1: lady doesn’t see me coming So decides to drive her sedan across the road. Thankfully, she stopped just in time so my face just tasted asphalt, not the plastic of her front bumper. (More details posted earlier on twitter)

Incident 2: 3 tall lads casually stroll in from the park onto a cycle path, carved on a small road. They casually ignore the cyclists behind them. I, however, coming from opposite direction, move from bike path to road to avoid them. As I near them, one of them moves off bike path, into my way and politely says: ‘dude, that’s the bike path so ride there!’

Incident 3: I ride the bike across a shared biker-pedestrian traffic signal. At the other end, I cross the path of a middle aged, suited office goer. As I pedal ahead,forcing him to suspend a stride, out comes a volley towards my rear wheel: ‘fuck you asshole’.

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Cycle Encounters

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