Fiscally conservative, socially liberal, politically deceased

New Labour - Lib Dems
Fiscally conservative, socially liberal, politically deceased

Fiscally conservative, socially liberal – the political space where new Labour resided, and where Lib Dems should be.

In my opinion, it’s the best choice for a prosperous, yet fair society. Yet, the hardest option to sell. Specially to an ageing population, in a hyperbole-driven, politicised media landscape.

The opposite – social conservatism (Tories & UKIP), and fiscal liberalism (old Labour) are both much easier to sell.

We’ve managed to elect a government that the media, both on the right and the left, have found wanting.

What would it take to get elected a government that the media, both on the left and right of centre, find able.

Just another day in the life of an independent developer

Me: “I can’t release the update yet, I need to fix X and Y first!”

Me: “Listen dummy, yes they need doing, but X and Y are already that way in the latest build and you’re sitting on fixes for A, B, C, D and E, do a release.”

Me: “I can’t release the update yet, I need to fix X and Y first!”

Chris Lacy, on Google+

Offline Testing In Chrome

Offline - No Wifi
Offline testing in Chrome – No more WiFi toggling

Despite ever expanding web of internet connectivity, no modern web app can expect not to work decently when offline.

Testing offline functionality, though, can be a bit of a bummer for people like me who develop almost exclusively in/for Google Chrome – unlike the old Internet Explorer, it doesn’t have a quick to access ‘Offline Mode’.

Not being a professional developer, I didn’t have extensive tools at my service to test my app in offline mode, and switching WiFi off-on was becoming tiresome. This is the solution I’ve ended up with for offline testing in Chrome:

  1. Install the Proxy SwitchySharp extension from Chrome Web Store.

  2. In extension’s settings, set up a proxy to a non-existent IP Address, preferably on our local network. We could even set it to localhost/ if we aren’t running a server on local machine.

Proxy Switchy Sharp Settings
Proxy SwitchySharp Extension Settings
  1. Now every time we need to switch to offline mode, all we have to do is go to the extension’s browser button, and select the local-profile we created.
Browser Button - Select Proxy
Browser Button – Select proxy to go offline.
  1. When we want to go back on-line, we just select ‘Direct Connection’ or, if we have a corporate proxy, then that.

That’s it! No more toggling WiFi to test offline mode for our web apps.