The Perfect Travel Blogging Tool

Google Glasses with:

  1. auto-upload images to Google Photos enabled.
  2. offline voice to text function, text saved in a Google Doc.
  3. a Google Apps Script adding a time-stamp (and, if possible, a GPS location) to every piece of text saved to the Doc above.


Now, go out on your trek up Ben Nevis. Whenever you like a sight, take a picture and dictate a description. Dictate a note every time you cross a milestone or just wish like noting something. It all gets converted to text and saved in a Google Doc, on your Google Drive.

Another script could pull in auto-uploaded photos and add them to the Google Doc with time-stamped dictations.

That’s it, without having to type anything, you now have a blogpost with all your photos and thoughts from the hike listed together in a time-ordered sequence. Edit it if you want, or just post it away!

(You could even have a script which would automatically upload this to your Blogger blog as a draft, and add a reminder in your calendar to preview and post)

Required: Google GlassGoogle Docs and someone to write those Google App Scripts (that could be me).

Note: This piece is just a figment of my imagination, and this idea or I are in no way related to Google. Also, like everything on this blog, this idea is covered under the CC-BY-3.0 license so feel free to use it as you like, with attribution.

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