Android Jelly Bean – Search/Now App & Voice Commands

Android Jelly Bean - Google Now/Search App - Weather
Google Now weather card on left; Weather card from Google Search app on right.

The Good

Voice commands now recognise my Indian accent, and do a pretty good job of it. Much better than any other speech recognition service I’ve used so far. Thanks Google!

The Not So Good

When using voice commands (or just regular text-input search) from home screen, the Google Search/Now app forgets all about my location, and other relevant data.

For instance, by default the app shows a card with weather in my location (London, UK). But when I ask for temperature (weather) using the same app, it shows me a card with weather in Washington, DC!

I tried a few other searches too – pizza joints, bus services, etc. In all cases, the app just displays generic results without using my location (or time zone) information. Is something badly broken here, or am I doing something very wrong? Hope folk from Android team notice this issue (there seems to be no way of sending feedback/bug report) and sort this out.

Also, there’s the small bit that the Indian accented speech recognition works only with an Internet connection. Offline recognition only supports US, UK and Australian English :(

More, as it comes.

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